The dependable features of Mago...
A power pack for any freelance entertainer!

Here are five of our powerful features; lovingly built to help you handle success!

1. make work easier

2. do more work

Routines make it easy to do your favorite things like send emails to clients after initial contact, check in with them for next year's event, call them right before a gig, etc. As soon as something happens in communication with a client, a chain of events can take place that you don't need to touch. You have full control over whether these happen and how!

There are great things we forget to do that can quadruple sales and improve the performance itself. No more forgetting! There is so much business you can manage if you're not doing it alone. What tasks have you been skipping?

  • Check in with clients immediately
  • Follow up with more info
  • Have the address of the gig automatically texted to you
  • Organize your prop packing list instantly depending on the type of gig
  • Show your client you love them
  • ... and 1000s more all up to your creative tweaks

Gotta write that again?!

You wrote the perfect sales letter to a client! Don't trash it! Use it again without lifting a finger. Templates make it easy to send meaningful documents to people. Set up templates for emails, contracts, invoices, riders, etc.

Create a template in our simplified text editor (easier than Microsoft Word). Suddenly, people are getting communications from you that are made by you especially for them. Soon, you'll be sending templates with a Routine while you're literally asleep!

Those contracts? Your clients can receive them digitally, sign them online, and you get instant feeback. No more printing and signing and emailing or faxing or whatever it is that cavemen do.

Booking utopia is waiting

You always want to have complete gig info written down and stored on your calendar. You want to be able to easily access all your show dates for the year or for a specific client. You want your clients to feel special {that's why they pay}. Now you CAN do all of that from one place: Mago!

  • Your gigs automatically sync with your calendar on your phone / desktop.
  • Everything is connected, so you see the contact info, show time, type of show, fee and other details at a glance.
  • Never forget to ask a gig detail question again. Mago gently and efficiently guides you through scheduling every gig.

Contact forms that get clients straight into your workflow

Many performers have a form on their site that sends them an email. Commonly, what comes next is...

  1. Figure out what kind of prospect this is
  2. Figure out what kind of thing they're seeking
  3. Put the prospect in your contacts
  4. Construct an email that's not so original
  5. Send it before the prospect books the next best entertainer
  6. Set up a reminder to check up on the prospect later

C'mon your brain is worth more than this! Let Mago do the repetitive grunt work, and get those prospects immediately in your booking machine!

Nice to finally meet you!

The show begins before you step on stage. When a client is well taken care of, they're not buying a thing people clap at, they're buying the VIP experience. That experience starts with the first handshake and it ends WHEN YOU DIE! Seriously, though a client can be a contact for life if you have a way to keep track.

Mago not only helps you put new contacts in a pipeline leading to a gig, but it keeps you in touch before and after the gig. If they end up not hiring you, Mago helps you check in for future opportunities. So, they can see that you more than an entertainer... you're a friend that's there to help.

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