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Mago:Talent is a next-generation client management tool
designed to help you manage more gigs
and stay connected to more clients

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How Can Mago:Talent Help You?

We take care of routine client management tasks
so you can focus on growing your business and developing your act.

Clients come to those who are prepared

Wash your car if you want it to rain, and get organized if you want more clients. It's not magic, but it is magical what happens when tasks and contacts stop falling through the cracks!

All you need to manage an entertainer's business

Mago helps you keep track of clients, gigs, and your booking year in one complete suite of tools. Specifically made for the professional entertainer's needs.

Don't keep doing the same prep work over and over

Templates allow you to craft proposals, emails, or newsletters once and Mago:Talent will automatically fill in customer-specific details for you. So, you can do the good part of your job!

Stay organized, Stay professional

Keep track of all your gigs with an easy calendar view and a detailed gig view.

The next evolution of a tried and trusted product

Before Mago:Talent, there was Showbiz CRM. The methodolgies that were successful there have been transferred to Mago:Talent in a new, easy to use package.

I've loved using Showbiz[CRM], so I can't WAIT to see this!

Tim Hannig

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What can you expect from Mago:Talent?

You'll be getting the same great features as Showbiz CRM packaged in a modern user interface. See what users have to say about Mago:Talent's predecessor:

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